TOBEY ON FAME "I think fame is a really complicated thing. It can be a great challenge to handle the difficult parts of it and strengthen your character so you don't get affected in a negative way by it. And I'm scared and excited and hesitant and anxious. I'm conflicted about it, truly."

TOBEY ON THE SPIDERMAN SUIT "I think if you had to use the restroom, that would be a bit of a problem."

"I'm zipped up completely in the suit, so I am at other people's mercy, which, I guess, is good practice for me, to not be in control."

TOBEY ON ACTING "I just don't think that deeply about it. What it means to do this or that--I don't know."

TOBEY ON...??? "I prefer to live myself from inside of me, rather than come outside."

TOBEY ON LEONARDO DICAPRIO: "Leo opened it up for young people in general. After Leo did This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape, it was like, 'Oh wow, someone can be young and a good actor.'"

TOBEY ON GIRLS "We're just souls and spirits living a human experience; at the core, none of this really matters... I don't really understand what make-up is, covering up who you are. I prefer seeing the person, not the painted-on mask."

"I don't like excessive vanity. I like a girl who looks good and has a decent sense of style, but who is comfortable with herself and isn't too caught up in her look."

TOBEY ON ONE OF THOSE DUDES FROM 1970S: "I want to be like one of those dudes from 1970s who did great movies and worked on the stage. DeNiro, Pacino, Hoffman... I want to be a real actor. And I feel like I'm on the path. I want to be a responsible actor. I want to be a responsible citizen, a responsible friend. I really feel like I'm going into adulthood now."

TOBEY ON THE PAST: "My behavior was getting in the way of what I wanted to do in life. I had a pretty biting sense of humor, where I'd make jokes at other people's expense. I was angry and didn't know where it came from, but it didn't please me."

TOBEY ON THE FUTURE: "I'd like a producing career and I'm developing a few projects. I'm kind of doing it on my own, which is great but very time-consuming because I don't really have dole out the responsibility of reading to. Also, trusting somebody else's opinions and tastes is difficult."